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The Single Life

By on July 19, 2013

(I stole this picture from my friend but I wish I was there to take it!)

This week has been quite eventful for me. It started off on Monday when I was too disoriented to drive home and had to have my coworker drive me. By the time I made it home, I was surprisingly feeling better so I set to work cleaning my apartment. Normally this wouldn’t be a very big task, but I had been procrastinating putting everything away that I brought down from Matt’s house (golf clubs, snowboard, skis, crappy mountain bike, 2 pairs of snowshoes, camping gear, etc.) that was spread haphazardly around my apartment. Although it took a long time (2 whole days!!), I finally found a place for most things and everything else is going into a storage unit that I have yet to acquire. All the work was worth it though because I can now come home to a nice, clean apartment without tripping over the million and one sporting equipment pieces I own. 

In addition to cleaning, I also spent a lot of time reading The Game of Thrones. Almost every person I know has already read this book and raved to me about it. Now that I don’t have internet and don’t really have cable, I decided to download the quad-rilogy (is that the word for 4 books?) and have started on the first one. I have to admit that all my friends were right, the book is really good and has led to many caffeinated mornings. For anyone who hasn’t read this book (all 5 of you out there in cyberspace), I highly recommend it.

On Wednesday, Mary and I went to Denver Cruisers. The theme was “tourists” so we dressed in jean shorts, tank tops, flip flops, visors, and leis. I also bought us cute little coconut tree cups. We looked pretty awesome and I even made it on the Westword website! For those of you who don’t know, Denver Cruisers is a program that promotes bike safety in Denver by having thousands of people meet at various bars around the city to pre-game. Once people are good and drunk, ride “leaders” take participants on a tour of the city, usually ending at another bar in the city for more partying. I made the mistake of taking my crappy mountain bike, which has a slow leaking front tire that turned into a full-blown flat on my way to the meeting place bar. Which meant that I couldn’t exactly ride my bike on the cruisers ride. So I hung out at the bar, made friends with the bartender and a nice lesbian that offered to give me a free massage (she’s a massage therapist?), and sipped my jack and coke while waiting for Mary to come back. Although I didn’t make it on the official ride, I will definitely be back for Denver Cruisers next Wednesday, hopefully with a fully functioning front tire!

When Matt and I were dating, I didn’t really go out during the week. This was partly due to the fact that I always had someone on hand to hang out with but was also due to the fact that I was in training for the Silver Rush. Since we all know how that ended, I’ve decided to take some time off running and let my body recuperate (except for the Vail Half Marathon with Gaby on Sunday and a night run at Walker with Gaby and Laurie on Monday). Tonight I’m off to enjoy the Rockies game, as long as it’s not rained out, and then probably exploring more of the downtown bar scene. Wish me luck and I’ll report back on any new bars (and specials) I find.

  • Glad to hear you’re doing well! As much as I love training, I’m also almoooost about ready to take some time to recoup. Sounds like Denver is going to be a whole new experience–I’m excited for you! And no, I haven’t read those books. I really need to get back into reading–it seems as though all of the good movies and TV programs are all based off books. Meaning I should probably actually read for once!