San Francisco Here We Come!

By on June 19, 2013

Tomorrow will start the long drive to San Francisco. As many of you know, the BF is moving there to start a new job with Apple Computers, Inc. It entails a pretty big raise and will be an awesome addition to his resume. We’re driving up to the mountains tonight, after his “farewell happy hour” put on by his coworkers, so that we’ll be there when the movers arrive at 8am tomorrow. Luckily for him, they’ll do all the packing and he has to do is supervise. I’ll probably spend most of the day hanging out at Starbucks trying to get some work done away from the hustle and bustle of moving. As soon as the last box is loaded into the moving truck, we’ll be departing his house for a nice 900+ mile drive across western Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California. It seems fitting that, a little under two years ago, my journey to Colorado terminated right where his to California will start. 

I’ve heard the drive is long and boring. There isn’t much to see once you pass the Wasatch Range outside of Salt Lake City and Nevada is about as interesting as Kansas (which we drove in the dark but even with the cover of darkness was pretty dull). We’ll probably see a lot of this:

Maybe some of this:
  And definitely a lot of this:

I’ve also heard that the signs that say “last gas station for 150 miles” are telling the truth and if you ignore them, you’ll probably spend those 150 miles in neutral praying the road doesn’t decide to go uphill (or that you don’t have to stop). I’ll probably spend most of the time thinking about how we should be listening to the Eagles when in reality we’re listening to the best of pop punk. I’ve made some delicious looking trail mix and bought some Somersault Snacks so we shouldn’t starve and I charged my camera so I’m ready to snap any interesting sights that we come upon. I’ll probably post an update on the road (maybe I’ll wait to San Francisco depending on when we decide to stop) so stayed tuned for some “San Francisco-bound Adventures with Sam and BF”. I promise they will be riveting!!

  • I’ll be running in Seattle!! 🙂 Have a great drive!!!

  • Thanks! Which race are you running this weekend? Good luck at it!