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The Best of 2016 in Photos

By on December 29, 2016

Wow! I know I’m not the only one looking back on the past 366 days (yes it was a leap year) and thinking “what a year!” I might be in the minority as someone who thinks the year was a great one. From getting married to adventurous hikes with…


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Spontaneous Weekend

By on December 20, 2016

It all started on Tuesday when Jason told me that his team was having a “team day” in the mountains on Friday. They were going skiing – one of the perks of working for a ski resort, besides the free ski pass, is getting to use it during the…


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Winter Wonderland in Photos

By on December 14, 2016

Winter has finally decided to arrive in Colorado and it came in with a bang – aka 2 – 8″ of snow and single digit highs with negative digit lows. We started our winter celebration by heading up to Vail for two nights. After having to delay opening until…


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Welcome Back Winter

By on November 21, 2016

Well it finally snowed last week! We also had some record highs last week, but I prefer to focus on the return of winter. Oh and we’re supposed to be getting quite a bit of snow in the mountains tonight. Hopefully this means winter will be sticking around. Before…


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Quick Update on Balance!

By on November 14, 2016

This isn’t a full blown blog post, so don’t get your hopes up! I was looking at Strava today and realized that I spent almost exactly the same amount of time running as I did on my bike(s)! And over the past four weeks, I’ve slowly been ramping up…

Boulder, CO

I'm just a regular girl who loves exploring in the mountains, both at home in Colorado and around the world. You can usually find me trail running, mountain biking, hiking, or backpacking with my husband Jason and my sweet pup Moose. When I'm not out exploring, you can find me in the kitchen whipping up generally healthy, delicious treats!

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