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I’m on Top of the World – Mt. Whitney Summit (May 2014)

By on January 30, 2015

I’ve had the highest mountains
I’ve had the deepest rivers
You can have it all but life keeps movin’
“I’m on Top of the World”, Imagine Dragons
For some reason, epic trip reports always seem to make me think of songs. The trip to the top of the highest mountain in the contiguous…


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Roasted Nuts and Seeds

By on January 27, 2015

Have you ever gotten the little packet of nuts and seeds they sell at the cashier in Starbucks? Well I have and they’re delicious. One day I read the ingredients and realized I could make a healthier version at home. So here you go – the healthier version of…


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Chasing the Dawn

By on January 23, 2015

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake”
~Henry David Thoreau

There is something special about waking up in the wee hours of the morning, layering up starting with a t-shirt and ending with a down jacket, and making it out the door before 99.9% of the population would…


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Salomon Snowcross Shoe Review

By on January 20, 2015

If you didn’t already know, I live where it’s cold and it snows in the winter. I am also a runner who (stupidly) signs up for spring races, which means I need a way to run through all the snow (and ice and partially frozen mud) that Colorado gets…


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Ups and Downs

By on January 14, 2015

Whew! What a weekend! Over the three days of the weekend (I took Monday mostly off work), I managed to accumulate 37.5 miles and 11,165 vertical feet over 9 hours in the mountains of Colorado. I’d say that’s a pretty good way to kick of training for two events that scare…

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I'm just a regular girl who loves exploring in the mountains, both at home in Colorado and around the world. You can usually find me trail running, mountain biking, hiking, or backpacking with my husband Jason and my sweet pup Moose. When I'm not out exploring, you can find me in the kitchen whipping up generally healthy, delicious treats!

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