Moving Day!

By on June 20, 2013

Today’s the big day!! The movers are here (at 11 instead of 8 when they were supposed to be here but ohh well), the big box that will hold all the BF’s stuff until he finds a place is parked in the driveway, and all my stuff has been relegated to the back porch. 

We started off the day with the sunrise, just to make sure everything was ready for when the movers came. I moved all my stuff to the porch so that it wouldn’t get packed and the BF packed up everything he wanted in his car (clothes and bourbon – the important things).

I did a little bit of work and then decided to take my bike out for a spin. I’m not fully confident in the brakes right now and I didn’t have my Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 set so I decided to stick to the roads. Whiskey Hill, right behind the BF’s house gains about 500 feet in a little less than a mile so I decided to tackle that first. I made it to the top with a PR of 0:11:31.09 (my previous PR was 0:13:05)! After that it’s pretty mellow riding the rest of the way. I wanted to get in a good hour of cycling but I was still under the impression that the movers were getting here at 8 so I turned around and completed the day with a little over 6 miles and 30 minutes of riding. When I got home, I plugged in my watch to check out the stats for my ride and realized I’ve been pretty active so far in June. According to the dashboard for my watch (Movescount is a pretty awesome sports statistics software), I’ve run and cycled:

Pretty good considering back in January I had a grand total of 71.9 miles running and 95 miles on the spin bike. So far this month I have 120.05 miles running (that includes 2 miles on the treadmill) and 34.04 miles cycling (I always forget to turn my watch on when cycling). I also just found out about an 18 mile mountain bike trail from theBF’s house to Beaver Creek and back. Can’t wait to try that out next weekend and add to my mileage (and vert)!

Anyways, back to the move. Our goal today was to have everything packed up and out of the house by 2ish so we could drive the 6.5 hours to Salt Lake City, spend the night there and drive the other 11 hours tomorrow. We actually didn’t end up leaving until 4 (which was my original prediction a couple days ago). We made a stop in Grand Junction and another in Price, UT before finally arriving at our hotel in Salt Lake City. We fella sleep almost immediately and woke up to this:

More to come this afternoon/tomorrow morning. The goal tonight is to make it to Napa!!