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By on September 25, 2013

The day has come where I can no longer believe that I am invincible and that a “little hamstring issue” will have no impact on my running ability. As much as I like to think I’m superwoman, I really am just a normal, everyday person. No superpowers here. At least where my running abilities are concerned. Or else I’d be making lots and lots of money as a professional ultra-runner (that’s how it works, right?)!

I have officially decided to defer my remaining races until 2014. This was a hard decision because I really wanted to redeem myself at Moab after a disappointing finish due to a twisted ankle. I also really wanted to run a sub-11 hour 50 this year at the North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco, but that will not be happening either. 

This is all the result of a fall off my snowboard in my junior year of high school. I tore my MCL (the ligament on the inside of my knee that prevents it from moving side to side) and spent a couple of months hobbling around with a knee brace. As a result of my hobbling, I changed my walking and running gait and that small alteration has turned into a string of other injuries to the right side of my body. In fact, everything from my right ankle to my right butt muscle has been injured or weak at some point in the last 10ish years.

I’m now going to an osteopath to hopefully correct this imbalance in my body. She does funny stretches, sticks needles in my body to get my muscle to relax, and has referred me to a personal trainer to rehab my muscles. Part of my rehab is relearning how to run with a proper running gait. Yesterday I went for a run around the park by my apartment and spent 1.5 miles (and 16 minutes) tripping over my feet as I tried to match my footfalls to a metronome. I’m sure it was comical for everyone around me but it was embarrassing and painful for me and my pride. And for Moose who was confused about why his mother was running so awkwardly. 

All of this rambling equates to me deferring all my races for the year. It is painful and quite frankly a little impossible for me to be in marathon shape in less than a month. Running 1.5 miles at a snail’s pace is painful for me. Running 26.2 is insurmountable. Yes, I’m sure I could run a marathon in a month but I would either injure myself from pushing too hard or embarrass myself with my slow time. As things stand right now, I have to push back my goals until next year. Hopefully, relearning to run will allow me to run faster for longer, turning me into the ultra-running queen I’ve always wanted to be (and know is hiding in there somewhere). Until then, I’ll continue tripping over my feet while moving at the speed of glaciers.

In other news, this weekend (Sunday in particular) was quite eventful. Friday I went to a friend’s house for a Mexican fiesta, complete with cornhole. My team won one game and lost the second. Saturday was filled with unpacking and shopping for new fall clothes! Saturday night, Amanda and I went to dinner at City o City, a great vegan/vegetarian place by my new apartment. They’re drinks are also delicious! Sunday, I spent all day with Kylie and Austin at Riotfest, a two day festival that was so far east of Denver it was practically in Kansas. We had a dusty day followed by a wet, rainy, muddy night. It was wonderful, all the bands were amazing, and I took lots of pictures to document the day (see below). Monday I finished moving everything from my old apartment and turned in the keys. That’s pretty much it for now.

Pre-concert Illegal Pete’s

On the bus


Ready to rock

And then I spilled my completely full beer…

And stood staring at it for about 2 minutes

Not a very nice sign!

Hanging out on the bus waiting for the storms to pass

And then we decided to go enjoy the concert in the rain