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The Last Great Colorado Mountain Town – Crested Butte Adventures

By on February 11, 2017

At the end of January, Jason, Moose, and I packed up our bags and headed west to the “last great Colorado mountain town” aka Crested Butte. We originally booked the trip because Crested Butte was hosting the Fat Bike World Championships and we wanted to get in a little fat bike riding. Then Crested Butte continued to get hammered with snow (so much that they had to shut down one day) so we packed our skis and snowboards too. We decided to explore everything we possibly could and I think we did a pretty good job. I’ll let the photos do the talking (and the lyrics to “Shot Out of a Cannon” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness).

Even with the lights and the power down
Even when the earth shakes and breaks your crown
Even if the cops run us out of town
I wouldn’t care

Jason finishing his final lap for Team Fatty Lews in the North Village Team Race. Conditions were a little tough for people who don’t have good bike handling skills (me) but we finished!

And when you speak, but you make no sound
Flying like a kite on the battleground
I’ll be ready
Hold me steady when we travel through the air

Jason’s new camera arrived the day we left for Crested Butte. He had a little fun playing with it. Sometimes Moose is a good model. PC: NinetySeventy Photography

Shot out of a cannon
I’m defying gravity
And you’re the drug that keeps me from landing, yeah

A starry sky and Mount Crested Butte above the sparkling town PC: NinetySeventy Photography

We could fall or we could fly
Or we could winds of tighter standing, yeah
Catapult our destiny

Testing out the skiing. It lived up to ALL of our expectations

Tonight we’re leaving for another planet, planet
Shot out of a cannon, cannon
Shot out of a cannon

When it’s -23 degrees Fahrenheit we both get frosted

We could tell the world that we disappeared
I was way up here
Would could tell the truth even if no one would ever care

Moose and I skinned up Crested Butte Mountain Resort for sunrise. It was spectacular!

‘Cause I am ready
Hold me steady
We can travel through the air

Hellga looking good before the Fat Bike World Championship race!

Crested Butte far exceeded our expectations and we had an amazing time exploring the area. I can’t wait to come back this summer for the Grand Traverse Run and Bike race.

Here’s the full song by Andrew McMahon. I also highly recommend checking out his latest album. We’ve been listening to it non-stop!