Challenges and Changes

By on November 1, 2016

Well my “training for life” philosophy has started and I feel like I’m floundering a little bit already. For my entire life I’ve either been “in training” or not, whether it be for soccer as a kindergartner (which really doesn’t count as “training ” since made more daisy chains than I made goals), on the softball, basketball, lacrosse teams in middle school, rowing in high school, and most recently ultrarunning. When I was training, I was pretty focused on my sport of choice and when I wasn’t training, I made a really good couch potato! For those of you who didn’t know me in college, you might be surprised with that fact, but I was a pro staying up way too late partying and sleeping/studying with the rest of the hours in the day (and in that order of priority unfortunately).


Halloween fun on the trails!

This is the first time in my life when I am striving to stay in shape enough to do the things I love without too much of a struggle while also not going in 110% to the point of burnout.  It’s a weird and precarious balance. The exercise endorphins are addictive, even if the process to release them is challenging. It’s hard to continually remind myself that the current challenge I’m tackling is how to maintain balance in all aspects of my life, which means my current challenge is not trying to run and ride all the miles (or climb all the vertical feet).


Don’t ask what’s happening here – I have no idea!

Example 1 of this challenge. On Tuesday, Moose and I decided to try to find the free parking on the way to Eldorado Canyon. We found it and upon pulling up to the parking spot, I had flashbacks of runs years ago with Laurie where we explored the South Mesa/Eldorado Canyon area. I misread a sign so I thought dogs weren’t allowed on the Fowler trail so we headed east instead of west. The next day (Wednesday), I went back to go into Eldorado Canyon and up Rattlesnake Gulch trail. Then on Sunday, I convinced Jason that a pre-Halloween hike was a great idea and I went back to the same trailhead and hiked the same trail that I had already been on twice this week. My specific manifestation of it may seem weird to most people, but I definitely have some obsessive qualities – which makes working towards balance very challenging!


Running through the canyon!

Example 2 of the challenges I’m experiencing trying to achieve balance has to do with my beautiful, wonderful fat bike Hellga. After noticing that her rear tire was very flat when we got back from Chicago (two weeks ago), I finally took the wheel in to Bicycle Village for them to take a look. It turns out that you actually have to use your bike when you go tubeless or the sealant sits in the bottom, dries out, and can no longer fill holes that pop up in the rubber. They put in another tube of sealant and told me that the sealant will work better if I ride her once a day. After a month without riding Hellga, the ride Jason and I went on was nothing short of giggle-inducing. After the high of that (very easy) ride and based on the strict instructions of the Bicycle Village techs, I took her back out on Saturday and the ride was equally giggle-inducing (maybe more so thanks to the hilariously crazy strong wind). Unfortunately during both rides my bike was making a really weird clicking noise. It didn’t affect the ride but it didn’t sound good. Since Jason and I couldn’t diagnose the problem, we took Hellga in to Wheat Ridge Cyclery on Sunday. Since she was already being worked on I decided to take advantage of the free tune I got when I bought her from Wheat Ridge. Now Hellga is safely in their care until Wednesday morning, and all I can think about is how much I want to ride my fat bike. These feelings are not very encouraging for someone looking to achieve balance!


Hot October days call for a post-ride Frappaccino stop!

In an attempt to avoid thinking about all the challenges I’m facing achieving balance in my athletic pursuits, I’ve also started thinking about what I really want to do with my life. Maybe opening that can of worms will distract me from running and biking enough that I’ll achieve some sort of balance without even thinking about it!