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Run Free

By on June 6, 2015

Today I went on a nice little 7.3 mile run carrying only my car key and my cell phone. In reality both of those were also superfluous if I…

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It’s all about that vert, ’bout that vert, no flat trails

By on June 3, 2015

The title should be sung to the tune of “All About that Base” by Meghan Trainor. And yes I know I’m like a billion internet years behind with that…


I don’t always run with music…but when I do it’s FUNKY! (and in RVA)

By on May 27, 2015

This past weekend was another whirlwind one. Jason and I flew back to Virginia for my friend’s wedding (my first friend in Colorado who happens to be from VA…


Three Weekends, Three Races

By on May 26, 2015

What a whirlwind of racing May has been!! I started with the Cimarron 50K which turned into a crazy adventure on May 3, followed that up with the Mother’s…

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Six Things I’m Loving (May 13 Edition)

By on May 19, 2015

I can write about the boring day-to-day things that have been happening in my life OR I can write about things that I’m loving right now. Obviously (from the title -…